IELTS Academic Writing Task-2 latest with answer 2021

 In this new article we will discuss a latest IELTS Writing Task-2. In this essay you have to answer with what extent do you agree or disagree with statement. We hope you understand well.

 IELTS Writing Task-2 Academic

Topic : Universities should accept equal  numbers of male and female students in every subject.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

IELTS Writing Task-2 with explanation - Quicky Education.

It has been proposed that tertiary institutions should accept the same proportion of students to each course. I totally agree with this notion as it is in accordance with the principles of gender equality and it will also serve to create a more harmonious society and reduce gender discrimination.

I believe that universities must accept equal numbers of students from each gender for a particular course that they wish to apply to. The reason for this is because favouring on gender over the other is a form of discrimination, which should not be accepted in any civilised society.

This is because it influences the ability for people to pursue careers and have equal rights in society. For example, in Cambodia, where women are not allowed to study at university, they are severely disadvantages in the workforce and very few are able to establish satisfactory careers.

Another benefit off accepting a similar number of students from each gender is that it will lead to a society with less gender discrimination. The basic logic here is that if tertiary students have a chance to study with members of the opposite sex they will be more likely to be able to interact and communicate with the opposite gender outside of school.

For instance, my cousin studied engineering in an almost exclusively male class as a result, he is very shy of the opposite sex and gets nervous every time  he has to talk to a girl.

In conclusion, I absolutely believe that tertiary institutions should accept equal number of male and female students in order to avoid sexual discrimination and assure a harmonious society.

Therefore, a policy of equal acceptance should be instituted in every country of the world, and any kind of gender- based quotas should be abolished.




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