Describe a debatable issue.

In this new article we will discuss a latest and important IELTS speaking cue card that is describe a debatable issue. We Hope you will get innovative ideas from this topic and perform well in your IELTS exam and get good band scores. Now let us start with the IELTS cue card topic.

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The full form of IELTS Is International English Language Testing System. In this test there are four sections – Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking. Today we only discuss last section that is IELTS Speaking.

IELTS Speaking consists of three parts –

Part 1 (introductory questions)

Part2 (cue card)

Part 3 (follow up questions related to cue card)

Describe a debatable issue.

You Should Say :

  • What is the issue?
  • Why is it debatable?
  • What side do you support?
  • And how do you think it can be resolved?


  • People talking about various issues to find solutions can occasionally convert these discussions into debates in which participants come from all over the world.
  • Today, people talk on government policy, economics, social security, and international events on a variety of venues. We often have hot concerns and heated discussions in my country.
  • Here, I’m going to discuss a topic that is heated in my native state.
  • In Punjab, where I live, elections are coming up, and many people have begun discussing numerous things.
  • The Aam Aadmi Party’s participation, led by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, is the most contentious issue. The talk of the town seems to be about his free electricity, education, and healthcare plans.
  • Everyone has divergent viewpoints; some people are in favor and others are not.
  • The Delhi regime promised free services, maintained its word, and offered great governance in Delhi. Punjabi citizens are delighted about the promises made by the new political party.
  • Free services, according to some, will hurt the economy and turn the country resemble Sri Lanka, which is not desirable at all. Others who agree with them assert that they are returning the funds in the form of various services because it is the peoples’ money.
  • The Delhi model is a good venture, and I think people should study it. Even even advanced economies have praised the Delhi government’s provision of healthcare and education services.
  • The public should view someone positively if they are prepared to disrupt the status quo and provide improved government.
  • People are free to cast their votes however they see fit, and these debates aid them in selecting the most appropriate candidate for their community.
  • When the party forms its administration and implements its pledges, I think the issue will be resolved.
  • People will support development and agree with it when they perceive that such services are feasible in their state. When words are spoken and deeds are done, certain arguments can be resolved.

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