Describe a course that impressed you a lot.

In this new article we will discuss a latest and important IELTS speaking cue card – describe a course that impressed you a lot. We Hope you will get innovative ideas from this topic and perform well in your IELTS exam and get good band scores. Now let us start with the IELTS cue card topic

The full form of IELTS Is International English Language Testing System. In this test there are four sections – Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking. Today we only discuss last section that is IELTS Speaking.

IELTS Speaking consists of three parts –

Part 1 (introductory questions)

Part2 (cue card)

Part 3 (follow up questions related to cue card)

Describe a course that impressed you a lot.

You should say :

  •  What the course was about
  • Where you took the course
  • What you did during the course
  • And explain why it impressed you a lot.
  • Learning is a constant. And developing a variety of skills is always beneficial in one’s life.
  • There are numerous courses available, including ones in ancient languages, computer languages and coding, web design, fashion design, interior design, cuisine, and swimming. Children also like taking dance and art classes.
  • Here I am going to talk about a course that impressed me a lot. It’s fashion designing. 
  • The focus of this course is fashion and design. People today placed a great deal of importance on their appearance and spend a lot of money on clothing and accessories. The demand for this course is due to the fact that people dress in luxury clothing on special days.
  • I completed this course at LPU University, a reputable institution in Punjab that provides a diploma programmes in fashion design and has pedagogical experts from the top of the fashion business who mentor many well-known designers and are important figures in Bollywood. Come teach the newest fashion trends here as guest lecturers.
  • The first several weeks of this course were really fascinating. We acquired the ability to think in terms of style. Always different and unique from the dominant fashion.
  • Then I discovered the importance of fabric choice, color coordination, cutting, and stitching. Learning under the direction of the fashion icons was enjoyable. They constantly think beyond the box.
  • This greatly impressed me. Being creative, I constantly think beyond the box. I’ve always wanted to take a course like that, and now I design clothes.
  • I recently opened my own clothing store. where I have a few demanding customers.

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