Talk about a War-IELTS Cue Card

In this new article we will discuss a latest and important IELTS speaking cue card– Talk about a War. We Hope you will get innovative ideas from this topic and perform well in your IELTS exam and get good band scores. Now let us start with the IELTS cue card topic.

The full form of IELTS Is International English Language Testing System. In this test there are four sections – Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking. Today we only discuss last section that is IELTS Speaking.

IELTS Speaking consists of three parts –

Part 1 (introductory questions)

Part2 (cue card)

Part 3 (follow up questions related to cue card)

Topic : Talk about a War.

You Should Say :

  • What the war was about?
  • Who fought it?
  • How you learnt about it?
  • What happened in this war?


  • Well, many wars between many nations have influenced the world we exist in now, and when we study history books, we learn about the various causes of war.
  • Here, I would like to discuss the Saragarhi War, for which I learned both through my history textbook and by watching a movie based on the actual event.
  • Actually, an Afghani unit and a Sikh regiment fought this war. When 10,000 Afghans suddenly attacked the Saragarhi fort, this regiment of 21 Sikh soldiers was sent in to defend it.
  • These brave 21 troops chose to fight against the Afghans and block their advance for as long as possible despite the fact that the regiment had little option except to either surrender or leave.
  • The Afghans believed they could take the fort in less than 10 minutes, but due to the bravery and incredible fighting capability of just 21 Soldiers, the battle lasted for hours and resulted in the deaths of more than 1000 Afghans.
  • The enemy’s subsequent progress was totally delayed by this prolonged stop at Saragarhi.
  • Even though all 21 of the troops lost their lives in this combat, the Queen of England gave them all the highest gallantry award for their outstanding performance.
  • You feel goosebumps when you watch the movie because you learn how each of these soldiers participated to this war.
  • In fact, my nation has a war monument where people can learn more about this conflict, and I strongly urge everyone to study in-depth accounts of this conflict.

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