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Best 5 Books for Self Improvement in 2021.

            Best 5 Books for Self Improvement in 2020

We all know that books play a vital role in our life. Through the books we gain more and more knowledge. Books provide true knowledge to all people . It also helps to increase our mental stability and more educated from it. So here I give some best books for Self Improvement .Books are like true friends . Many people are depressed and demotivated from their life so they need to be read some self improvement books to change in their life. So these are the Best 5 Books for Self Improvement which are given below :

Best 5 books for self improvement.

These are the 5 Best Books for Self Improvement which are described one by one:

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1. The First book for Self Improvement is (Man’s Search for Meaning) by Viktor E. Frankl

This book is one of the best books of self improvement. In this book the writer Viktor E. Frankl shares his personal experience. In 1940 during the World War in Germany, Hitler built some concentration camps. In this concentration camps their was a specific place where some people did manual labour. Those people who were not able to work properly they were punished as a died  in Gas Chamber by Hitler. Viktor E. Frankl the author of this book also spent some years in this concentration camps. This book describes the worst days of the author’s life. But author had positive mind set, and a specific meaning so he survive in camps. This Book is totally based on meaning , if you have a specific meaning in life you will clear all the sufferings in their life.
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2. Second Book is Awaken the Giant Within ( Tony Robbins)

Tony Robbins is the one of the best author. He writes many other self help books such as Ultimate Power. This book contains 17 chapters which provide better strategies, techniques to make life better.
In every chapter author completely describe these tips and tricks in a better way. In the second chapter ” Decision The Pathway to Power’ the author suggests the decisions play vital role in our life. and also suggested to take more and more decisions.
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3. Third Book is Think And Rich Grow ( Napoleon Hill)

This book is very famous book. The writer of this book is Napoleon Hill. He published his book in 1937. From this book many other motivational writers got inspired and they also wrote many books. This book is known for its name Think  and Become Rich. In this book the author describes the way of thinking and desire of man. The Famous Quote from this book is “Positive Talks give Positive Results “
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4. The next four book is How to Win Friends and Influence People ( Dale Carnegie)

This book describes the way to win the friends and influence people by some steps . These steps are given below to win the hearts of the other :

1. Don’t Criticize
2. Give respect others
3. Accept the Mistakes and work on them
4. Show your interest in others work
5. Show love towards them

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5. The Last Book Is  7  Habits of highly effective people ( Stephen R. Covey)

The writer of this book is Stephen R. Covey  who is one of the best author in the world. This book is totally based on self improvement to change our life. This book completely describes the 7 habits of highly effective people
To be Success in life follow some habits which are given below :
1. Be Proactive
2. Begin with the end in the Mind
3. Put first thing first
4. Think Win
5. Understand others
6. Synergize
7. Sharpen the Saw 
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