Indian National Symbols- Flag, Emblem, Song.

                         Indian National Symbols

  Every independent country of the world has some special national symbols of its own. These symbols inspire and unite its people. They stand for the various cultural features and values of that nation. They constantly remind the people of their great cultural and national values.
The national symbols of our country are:
  1. Our National Flag
  2. Our National Emblem
  3. Our National Anthem
  4. Our National Song
  5. Our National Animal
  6. Our National Bird
  7. Our National Flower

Our National Flag is called the Tiranga or the Tricolour. It has three colours- saffron, white and green. The saffron is at the top. The green is at the bottom. Between the saffron and the green, there is a white colour. In the middle of the white part, there is a navy blue wheel with twenty-four spokes. We call it the Ashoka Chakra. 

Our Tricolour is a symbol of peace, progress and hope for the future. We salute our national flag.
Indian national symbols
Indian Flag
Our National Emblem is are replica of the Capitol(top or head) of Ashoka’s pillar at Sarnath. Our National Emblem has two parts, the top and the base. The top has four lions, sitting back to back, with their faces in different directions. The Base has a horse on the left, a wheel in the middle, and a bull on the right side. Below these three figures, the words” Satyameva Jayate” are inscribed. Our National Emblem is also seal of the Government of India. It was adopted by the Government of India on 26 January 1950.
National Emblem
Our National Anthem (Jana Gana Mana) is a song that is highly melodious and deeply meaningful. It was written and composed by Rabindranath Tagore. He was a great poet and was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1913. Our National Anthem is sung on all ceremonial occasions. It is also sung at the time of morning prayers in our educational institutions. It gives the message of peace, patience, tolerance and national unity. We should stand at attention when the National Anthem is being played or sung.
Our National Song (Vande Mataram) was written by Bankimchandra Chatterji. The song is in the form of a son’s respectful homage to his motherland. During the struggle for India’s freedom, this song was a source of great inspiration for our great freedom fighters. 
Our National Animal is the Tiger(Bengali Tiger) . This animal is a symbol of grace, fearlessness. Since November 1972, the tiger has adopted as our National Animal.
National Animal
Our National Bird is the Peacock. This bird is deeply loved for its lovely and colourful plumage and for its graceful dance. Since 1963, it has been adopted as our National Bird. The hunting of the peacock and of the tiger has now been banned.
National Bird
Our National Flower is the Lotus. This lovely flower symbolises purity and righteousness. Many Hindu Gods and goddesses are shown holding this flower or seated on it. The grace and beauty of this flower is unmatched.
National Flower
 All these National  Symbols play a vital role in our life . They inspire us to remain united. They encourage us to uphold the great traditions and values of our culture. 

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