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Talk about your Favourite game.

In this new article we will discuss a latest IELTS Speaking cue card : Talk about your favourite game. We hope you will get good ideas from article and perform well in your IELTS Exam.

IELTS Speaking Cue Card Topic :

Talk about your favourite game

Talk about your favourite game - Quicky education


 Talk about your favourite game.

You should say:


  • what the game is and how it is played
  • when you learned to play it
  • who taught the game to you
  • what do you enjoy about the game


  • In my country people pursue many sports like soccer, hockey, tennis, cricket and so on.
  • However, my favourite sport is cricket. It is also the most popular game globally.
  • I can say that in India, cricket is not only a sport but it is a religion for the majority of Indians.
  • Cricket can be played as a t20 match, one day match and as a five day test match.
  • It is played between two teams consisting of eleven regular players and one extra player in each team.
  • One team bowls first and the other team send two of its player to bat on the ground. Two umpires on the ground and a third umpire siting in the pavilion observe the game.



  • First of all, I learned cricket when I was a child. While ,I used to played cricket in a big ground near my home with boys of my area.
  • I haven’t taken any formal training in cricket because I wanted to play it for fun only. I didn’t want to be a cricketer in my life.
  • It is a long and one of the most exciting sports in the world. Even a one day match runs for around eight hours. The most astonishing feature about cricket is its uncertainly.
  • It is full of ups and downs. We as viewers, generally cannot predict what may happen next in the match and that is the reason it keeps us stuck to our seats and maintain interest in the match.
  • I often go to see the match live in a stadium in my city with my friends and family members. 

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