Describe a public place you visited and you think needs improvements

In this new article we will come to know a latest IELTS Speaking Cue Card topic: describe a public place you visited and you think needs improvement. We hope you will get good ideas from this article and perform well in your IELTS Exam.

 IELTS Speaking cue card

Describe a public place you visited and you think needs improvements.

You should say :

  • what is it
  • when you visited
  • what you liked and disliked about it
  • why do you think it needs improvements.


Solution :

  • There are many public places in every city where people can socialize and hang out with each other, such as parks, city centres, marketplaces, public schools, public banks and so on.
  • Here I would like to talk about Regency Park, a very famous park in New Delhi.
  • Last year my sister and her children visited me. To entertain my nephew and niece, I decided to take them to Regency Park. On their second day with me , we went their.
  • Regency Park is a very old park.

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  • I remember, my parents used to take me there in my childhood, sometimes. However, the park was a lot different than I remembered.
  • A few years ago, many new rides were added to the park. My niece and nephew became very excited when they saw the rides.
  • The tickets for rides were also very economical. Children below a certain height were not allowed on some rides, because of which my nephew, who is younger and shorter was not eligible for a few rides.
  • He was very disappointed at first but within a few seconds he forgot all about it.
  • He enjoyed all the other rides like the the toy train, bumper cars and the Ferris wheel. I also enjoyed a few rides with my nephew.
  • Time just flew by with the kids. I liked everything about the park except the fact that people were throwing empty water bottles here and there.
  • I feel that some trashcans should be there at very frequent intervals and also some notices not to litter the place should be put up.
  • On the whole journey back, the kids kept saying that they would like to visit Regency Park again. Unfortunately we couldn’t visit it again as my sister didn’t have much time.
  • My nephew and niece are visiting me again this year and every day they remind me that they want to go there. I don’t think they will wait for the second day this time.  



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