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Talk about a time when somebody visited your home.

Talk about a time when somebody visited your home.
You should say :
  • who he/she was/they were
  • when it happened
  • what you did for the occasion and the visitors
  • and explain how you felt about it

Solution :

My parents are very hospitable and we have visitors to our house very often. Here, I would like to talk about an occasion when my aunt and uncle came from Australia and stayed with us for two weeks. They immigrated to Australia 5 years ago and after that it was their first visit.

They have their own house, and my father takes care and gets it cleaned once in a while, but as they had come for only two weeks, we didn’t let them to stay there. Both my uncle and aunt are very nice
Actually they had come to finalise the wedding of their son who was working in Australia. One of their Indian neighbours in Australia had suggested the match and they has done most of the talks through video chats on phone.

Every day was like a celebration, while they were in our place. My mother used to cook all day and she seemed to enjoyed it too. They told us that they missed the Indian Cuisine over there, especially dishes like bitter gourd and bottle gourd. I was very happy, because my mother prepared many desserts also, which are my favourite.

I have a sweet tooth, but normally my mother doesn’t prepare too many sweet dishes. My father has diabetes, so my mother avoids making things, which tempt him. Aunt and Uncle told us all about their life in Australia. 

They said that the quality of life was good, but they had to put in a lot of hard work initially. It was difficult to Finding a job. But, now they were well settled and had their own home. They told me about the education system there.

 They motivated my parents to send me there for higher education. That is why I am taking the IELTS today. I hope will be with them soon.

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