Describe something important that you lost in the past. IELTS Cue Card Latest

In This article you will come to know about a latest IELTS Speaking Cue Card that is describe something important that you lost in the past. We hope you will get good ideas from this article and practice well for your IELTS Exam and get good band scores .

 IELTS Speaking Cue Card:

Describe something important that you lost in the past.

You Should Say:
  • what did you lost
  • where you lost it
  • and how you felt when you lost it.

Solution :

In the era of technology, we use many electronic items for our convenience. Many electronic items like different types of gadgets such as mobile phones, watches, computers and many more are become part of our life.

My daily work becomes easier by using these items. However, if lost any of them it creates many problems for me.

Here I would like to talk about an incidence when I lost may watch which was very close to my heart as it was gifted to me by my mother on my 21th birthday.

That watch was of Casio Company. It was a limited edition watch. There are many attractive features in the watch like water resistance, dual time, sleep monitor, calorie counter and step measurement.

It was my dream watch and my mother completed my wish. But I lost it last year in Goa.

Last year I visited Goa with my friends where we had enjoyed a lot  visiting different beaches. I did many water activities like scuba diving, jet skiing, paragliding, bumper ride and many more.

After doing such fun activities when I return to my hotel room. I released that watch was not in my hand. I had dropped in into the sea or on the beach while performing water activities.

The was not change that I can go back and find it, as in whole day I went to different beaches and other site seeing places of Goa. I was very disappointed because I lost my favourite watch.

My mother saved money every month for many years to buy me this watch. Hence, I felt guilty at that time. I am a very fitness freak person and I was using that watch for my daily workout.

It was very useful for me to calculate my calorie intact as well as it also counts the calories which I burnt during my training sessions.

So I felt very frustrated at that time as it was one of the precious gifts which I ever received in my life.



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