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Cue Card :Talk about a Building that you admire

In this new article we will discuss a latest IELTS Speaking Cue Card that is talk about a building that you admire. We hope you will get good ideas from this article and perform well in your IELTS Exam.

Cue card Topic : Talk about a Building that you admire

Talk about a building that you admire.

You should Say :

  • where is the building 
  • when you visited
  • why you liked
  • where did you hear about it


  • India has a rich historical background. There are many buildings, which are the pride of India.
  • Here I would like to talk about the Parliament House in New Delhi. I visited this national building when I was in 10+2. Our school took us on an educational tour.
  • I remember vividly, we were 40 students and 4 teachers.
  • It is not only important historically , but also architecturally. the architecture of this building depicts Indian Traditions and culture.
  • Parliament House is one of the most  magnificent buildings in New Delhi. Visitors to Delhi generally pay a visit to this Building.
  • The two houses of parliament- the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha are located within its walls.
Watch This video on YouTube to understand well.
  • It is a huge circular building spread over 6 acres of land. the building has twelve gates among which Gate No.1 on the Sansad Marg is the main gate.
  • The Central Hall is circular in shape and its dome, which is one of the most magnificent domes in the world.
  • The Central hall is a place of historical importance. The Indian Constitution was framed in the Central hall. At present, the Central hall is used for holding Joint Sittings of two Houses.
  • The Chamber of the Lok Sabha is semi-circular in shape and has seating accommodation for 550 Members.
  • Rajya Sabha Chamber is smaller in size. It has a seating capacity of 250. The building is fully air-conditioned. It combines the value of both the old and the new forms of architecture.
  • The outer portion of the building is finished in red sandstone. Though entry to Parliament House is free, it requires official permission for visitors to enter the Parliament.
  • The total time required to see the Parliament House is approximately 2 hours. The best time to visit Parliament House is when it is in session.



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