Talk about a time when you helped someone.

In this new article we will come to know about a latest IELTS Speaking cue card that is talk about a time when you helped someone. We hope you will get good ideas from this article and we suggest you to practice well for IELTS Speaking and get good band scores.


Cue Card Topic : Talk about a time when you helped someone

You should say :

  • what was the situation
  • what did you do to help
  • what was the result.
Solution : 
Well , I believe that if you will help others, then God will help you so, I never miss a chance to lend a helping hands to someone in  dire need. 
I remember vividly that during the last year when I heard my aunt talking about the poor performance of my cousin brother, and deterioration of his performance in the class test due which the entire family was under stress.
Instantly, I insisted her to send  him to me for an hour or so, for study .Although I was having my certification exams within a month
Still I realized that allocating an hour for somebody’s future from my leisure time would not be a big deal, and the very first day it took me no time to realize that it was not his hold on the concepts that was taunting him, but it was imposter syndrome to blame for, which I figured out from the knowledge gained from a psychology book.
First, I tried  to build his confidence through showing him the brighter side of the picture, and gave him the example of a half-filled glass, but all in  vain.
Then I taught him one lesson, and instructed him to come prepared for the test, and the very next day.
Eventually, he popped up, but his scores were again embarrassing that even gave a panic attack to me.
Finally, after observing his way of studying, I concluded that it was the lack of revision and performance anxiety that prevented him from giving optimal performance.
Then I motivated him and within a month, he started  scoring well above the passing grades, and his mother informed me later on that he not crossed the threshold of passing marks, but he passed with flying colours.
Believe me, I felt myself over the moon and thanked the almighty for blessing me the skills through which I can help others.

Some follow up questions :

  • How did you feel about it later?
      Well, I really felt as if it was not he who has passed, but it was me who successfully kept the promise.
  • Should young generation be more helpful?
      Well, if we want to make our planet a better place to live, it is important for teenagers  to play a lead          role because they have enough time after attending their classes and are invigorated  with  the                  limitless energy.
  • What do you think about unpaid jobs ?
        Voluntary jobs are beneficial as long as you are either gaining a valuable experience from in, or you             are serving the humanity while doing it. 
  • Do you support volunteering ?
      If you go by my way, absolutely because by undertaking a  voluntary task, one can set a model for              others to work for the sake of mankind without any greed.


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