IELTS academic writing Task-2 with answer 2021


                 Task-2 of IELTS Writing

Topic : Some people feel that entertainers such as film stars, pop musicians or sports stars are paid too much money.

Do you agree or disagree?

Solution : It is often said that people who work in the entertainment industry such as movie stars, musicians, and sports stars are being overpaid. This essay discusses why I think they are paid too much money and then I will describe other occupations that I think should receive higher salaries.

There are two reasons why I feel the salaries are too high. The main reason is because the entertainers income does not reflect the amount of work they do. For instance, a top star movie like Angelina Jolie can easily make one million dollars by acting in a single film. This amount may never be reached by many people during their life no matter how hard working they are. In addition, if we base a person’s income according to their relative contribution to society the incomes of entertainers seem too high. This is because entertainment is not as important to our society as much as other fields such as science and technology. 

There are other professions that are worthy to be paid more for their work. More specifically, people who make a big contribution to society should be rewarded more. For instance, since doctors can save lives and give people hope, they should receive a high amount to reflect the meaningful contributions they make. Another type of occupation deserving to receive a good salary is those who bear large responsibilities. For example, teachers who contribute to the education of the next generation seem to be underpaid.

In summary, entertainers do not offer anything greater than other people who are working in other industries. As a result, I agree that society is overpaying the people in the entertainment industry. Finally, it is recommended that people who work hard should be rewarded appropriately and the gap in benefits between different types of jobs should not be too significant. 


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