Top 10 Lessons from best self help book ” IKIGAI “

Today we will come to know about a best self-help book that is ” IKIGAI ” . More than 1.5 million copies are sold of this book. The full name of this book is ‘ IKIGAI – The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life ‘. This book is written by Francesc Miralles and Hector Garcia.

Books play an integral role in person’s life. Reading books daily has numerous benefits such as regular reading empowers you to empathize with other people and improves brain connectivity. So everyone should build this habit of reading books regularly.

First of all, Do you Know ? what is the meaning od IKIGAI. Let’s know, according to the oxford English Dictionary meaning of ‘ IKIGAI’ is ” a motivating force ; something that gives a person a sense of purpose or a reason for living.

Some Key features about ‘ IKIGAI ‘ book :

⦁ It is in the union of these circles you’ll find ; your Passion, Mission, Profession and Vocation. When you achieve balance in all four, you will find your IKIGAI.
⦁ Japanese say everyone has an ikigai or a reason to live. And is formed from the union of circles of what you love, what you are Good at, what the world needs and what they can pay for you.

Now let’s know 10 lessons form the book “IKIGAI”

1. Take it Easy

  • The rush is inversely proportional to the quality of life. As a proverb says : ” Walking slow gets you far “. When we leave the urgencies behind, time and life gain a new meaning.

2. Surround Yourself with Wonderful Friends

3. Get fit for your Next Birthday

4. Always stay active, never Retire

  • He, who abandon’s, the things he loves and knows how to do, loses the meaning of his life. That is why, even after having finished your “official” work life, it is essential to continue doing things of value, bringing beauty, helping and shaping our little world.

5. Do not Eat Until Full

  • According to the 80 % law, to pressure health for a long time, instead of cramming, eat a little less of the hunger we have.

6. Reconnect with Nature

  • We need to regularly return to it to charge the batteries of the soul.

7. Be Thankful

  • Take a moment of the day to say thank you, and you will increase your flow of happiness.

8. Smile

  • A courteous attitude makes friends and relaxes the person. It’s okay to see what’s wrong. But don’t forget the privilege of being here and now in this world full of possibilities.

9. Live the moment

  • Stop lamenting the past and fearing the future. All you have is today. Give time for the best use, so it deserves to be remembered.

10. Follow you IKIGAI

  • Within you, there is a passion, a unique talent that gives meaning to your days and pushes you to give your best until the end. If you haven’t found your IKIGAI, Keep searching until you do.

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