Talk about a time when you saw an insect dancing.

In this article we will discuss a latest IELTS Speaking Cue Card i.e. talk about a time when you saw an insect dancing. It is very important that you speak effectively in your Speaking Exam so learn from this article and be prepare for this latest Speaking Cue Card. In IELTS Exam you have one minute to prepare this cue card.

Topic :Talk about a time when saw an insect dancing.

You Should Say:

  • what did it happen
  • where have you seen this
  • what was the situation
  • and explain how did you feel about it.

Solution :

  • Well the topic sounds very interesting and thought provoking as it is very rare and fascinating that you saw an insect dancing.
  • Or maybe if we have seen this sight then we are not aware that we call it dance of insect
  • Here, I would like to share the incident when I saw something like this. Although, when I saw it , I did not know that what we call it but later when I research a bit on it I got to know about it.
  • The insect that I saw was honey bee. It was during the spring season when the flowers blossom.
  • One of my neighbours has a small and beautiful lawn in his house. I use to pay visit to his house often and it was at his house that I saw honey bees dancing.

Watch video on You Tube :

  • It was during a fine day; we were sitting in his lawn and sipping tea when I saw honey bees flitting among flowers.
  • Although it is a very common sight, as it was the spring season and it is during this season that honey bees drink nectar from the flowers.
  • All of a sudden, it struck my mind that what are they actually doing by revolving around the flowers. When I saw it deeply,
  • I observed that they fluttering around the flowers making a pattern very much looks like the number 8.
  • Later, on reaching home when googled it and searched on it I come to know that it was actually that bees were dancing. And we call it ”waggle dance” in scientific language.
  • Through this dance honey bees pass information to each other.
  • It was quite surprising to know that even such wonders also exist on earth.


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