Talk about a Businessman that you admire

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CUE Card Topic: Talk about a Businessman that you admire


CEO of Reliance Industries.

Talk about a businessman that you admire.
You should say :

  • what is the name
  • what has he done
  • why do you admire him



  • There are many successful businessmen in my country, such as Anil Ambani, Mukesh Ambani, Rattan Tata, Vijay Malya and son on.
  • But here I would like to talk about Mukesh Ambani. He is in his late fifties and looks very handsome. He has a degree in Chemical engineering.
  • He joined his father in Reliance Industries in 1981, at the age of 24.He has a great vision and ever since he joined his company, he took it to new heights.
  • He set up India’s first private oil refinery at Jamnagar Gujarat.
  • This refinery can reproduce 33 million tonnes of oil per year. He made it possible for India  to compete at the global level. He also owns the domestic cricket club of IPL known as the Mumbai Indians.
  • In 2012, he was ranked the richest man in India and second richest in Asia.
  • He is the 19th richest man in the world. He has a net worth of 21 billion dollars. He lives in Mumbai. His house has 27 storeys and is worth 1 billion dollars.
  • He lives there with his wife, Nita Ambani, three children and a staff of 600 people.
  • He believes that businesses should constantly innovate otherwise they will stagnate and wither away. He believes that the main purpose of businesses is to create jobs and wealth.
  • He has successfully done so by his various industries. His achievements have made him known not only in India but across the globe. 21 In 2013,he was conferred ‘ Entrepreneur of the Decade’ by All India Management Association.
  • So I think Mukesh Ambani is a very successful businessman of India mainly because of the way he managed his assets in the petroleum industry.

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