Describe a friend from your childhood.

In this new article we will discuss a latest and important IELTS speaking cue card that is describe a friend from childhood. We Hope you will get innovative ideas from this topic and perform well in your IELTS exam and get good band scores. Now let us start with the IELTS cue card topic.

In this article you will come to know a latest and very important speaking cue card topic for IELTS Speaking that mostly asked by examiner in your real exam.

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The full form of IELTS Is International English Language Testing System. In this test there are four sections – Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking. Today we only discuss last section that is IELTS Speaking.

IELTS Speaking consists of three parts –

Part 1 (introductory questions)

Part2 (cue card)

Part 3 (follow up questions related to cue card)

Describe a friend from your childhood.

You Should Say

  • when and how you met
  • how often you see this friend
  • what kind of personality your friend has
  • and explain why you like to spend time with this particular friend.


  • I am going to tell you about my first ‘best friend’ from childhood, Rohit. I met him when I was only 8 years old and was in primary school. After that, our intimacy grew up and we become best friends.
  • One day he forgot to bring his book to school and that day I helped him with my expire books. After that, we talked for a long after school and our friendship started to begin.
  • We went to college together and then got admitted to different Universities. Since we were studying in the same city, we can meet each other and spend time together.
  • We are yet it finish our graduation and busy with our own stuff but whenever we get vacation we spend time together. Since our hometown is same, we go there together and thus we meet each other at least twice in a month.
  • He is a helpful and talented friend who helps people and always wished best for people. He is studying Mathematics and he has a talent in Mathematics. Sometimes he explains some complex mathematical theories in a very simple and interesting way.
  • He is passionate about reading books and that makes a good bonding with me. We often exchange our thought and criticism about books and politics.

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  • I like to spend time with him because we have many common interests between us. I never feel bored spending time with him.
  • Since we are friends for a long time, we understand each other. A good friend always extends helping hands when in need and I’ve found Rohit by my side always.
  • We do so many fun stuff together and help other in our study. Good friendship, understanding and common interests make us close friends and those are the major factors for what I like to spend time with him.

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