describe a competition you would like to participate in . IELTS Cue Card

Cue Card :Describe a Competition you would like to participate in.

Today’s , In this article we come to know a latest IELTS Speaking cue card topic that is describe a competition you would like to participate in. We hope you will get good ideas from this topic. In IELTS Exam, you will have to speak a particular cue card topic for at least two minutes. So practice well and get good band scores in your IELTS exam.

 IELTS Speaking Cue Card 

Topic : Describe a competition you would like to participate in.

You should Say :

  • what kind of competition it is
  • what would you do in this competition
  • why does this competition interest you


Solution :


When I was in school, I participated in many competitions. Once I participated In a science fair. I was part of a team. We were the 1st runners up. Here, I would like to talk about a competition: I would like to take part in.

It is a painting competition. Every year there is an environment fair held in my hometown. The Friends Club organises this in the month of December. Many competitions are organised, such as mono-acting competition, poetry recitation, flower arrangement, painting and so on.

Individuals can participate, and even schools can send their students. My friend participated in flower arrangement competition last year and won the 1st prize. The prize was a small trophy and a book ‘ the Wings of Fire’ by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.

I am very fond at drawing and painting. I would love to compete in painting competition and try to do my best and win a prize.

The theme of the painting is announced there only. The brushes and paints have to be carried with you, but the sheets are provided there only. 

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I have made many paintings with poster colours and gifted them to my friends and relatives. Everyone in my circle knows that I love drawing and painting.

 I am waiting for the fair this year, so that I can participate and try my luck at winning a prize.


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